Stash busters!

Need ideas to use up your huge growing pile of yarn? My favorite stash buster is the Scarf! There are so many ways to create fun and funky items that fit your style or help to fill in your "gift" gap. I love to make scarves as gifts for family and friends, and sometimes for no reason at all (except that I just can't stop crocheting!!). *FREAK* So here's how I tackle the huge pile of yarn to make the perfect scarf.
Take 2 or 3 different types and thicknesses of yarn. I generally take one acrylic, one novelty yarn and add in a third of what ever is kicking around. I like to make sure that the yarn colors compliment each other - but that is simply my taste and is not entirely necessary! Experiment and have fun. There is no wrong way to do it! Now that I have chosen my colors and yarns, I grab my great big Q sized hook and start my chain. I enjoy using the big hooks, your scarf will work up fast and it will be nice, loose and soft. Whether you work width wise or lengthwise is up to you, but at this point (while you are making your chain) you will need to decide. That's part of the fun, just shoot from the hip,baby! So once you have decided upon how you are going to work the scarf, now it's time to choose your stitch. Here are some simple stitch ideas to try:
Single crochet (sc) in each chain/stitch
Double crochet (dc) in each chain/stitch

check out for more stitch ideas.

Now once you have reached your desired size, finish off and weave in the ends. If you have enough yarn left, even if its just one of them, feel free to add a fringe. I have been know to use old VHS movies to wind my wool! Take your wool, wrap it around your template to achieve desired length and fullness of fringe(say 6 times or more if you like), snip one end, holding the other in a loop. Using your hook, pull loop through the end of your scarf. With the hook still in the loop, wrap strands around and pull through loop. Pull to tighten. Repeat to add as many little fringes as you like. Or maybe you like pom poms. Perhaps you like nothing at all. YOU are in total creative control here - do whatever suits your mood!
The most important thing to remember is to have fun, enjoy what you are doing and know that eventually your "stash" will hug somebody special.
And if you are finding that a scarf is a bit too much for you (or you just don't have enough yarn), try a java jacket, face cloth or dishcloth. This are all fun, functional and will slowly help use up that stash.
And besides, it make me feel slightly less guilty about bringing home a couple more bags of new yarn if I've created something constructive and beautiful with what I already have!!

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